Getting Started


VIEKIRA PAK is provided as a monthly carton. Inside the carton are 4 weekly-packs which contain the daily blister packs.

There are 2 types of tablets in VIEKIRA PAK:

  • dasabuvir tables (which are coloured beige with ‘AV2’ one side)MG_6344
  • combination tablets containing paritaprevir, ritonavir, and ombitasvir (which are colored pink with ‘AV1’ on one side) MG_6343

These tablets are packaged together in daily blister packs (see below).

MG_6264 MG_6273


If your Hep C doctor prescribes VIEKIRA PAK-RBV for you, you will also take a third type of tablet, containing ribavirin (blue tablets with ‘200’ on one side).MG_6340

These are in a plastic bottle inside the monthly carton of VIEKIRA PAK-RBV.


Your Hep C Doctor will decide whether you need ribavirin with VIEKIRA PAK, and how many ribavirin tables are right for you.